Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The "Perfect Bag Quest"

So, the Perfect Bag quest goes like this....I am pretty fickle about a few things, but that's because I like verity, and small changes, for example I change my Blackberry wallpaper ALL the time, every week, my ringtone and text tone, too. I think that's why I have 20+ bottles of nail polish and at one time I had 11 pairs of Chuck Taylors...I like to change things up, but little things. That includes bags, I can't help it. But my friends, here is the rub, I am VERY picky about the bag. I want it to be cute and adorable, but big enough for all the crap I have to carry (I am telling the truth, I have a 24 box of crayons and 3 small note pads, and 4 pens in my bag right now just for Ella, age 5) and I feel like that I have to be prepared for whatever comes my way (or my kids way) plus the stuff that falls into the black hole along the way of my weekly life...2 kids, the sweet husband, dog, friends, dinners, church, 2 different schools...elementary and high school, it's a lot of stuff to gather along the way....and being a stay at home mom, I can't even think about spending $100 for a great bag, are you with me fellow moms? And also what about my peeps without kids and have a job that puts them out there in the world, where do you put ALL of your stuff....your lunch, work out stuff, water bottles, the boyfriends stuff...your bag.
So I have made a couple from patterns, but they are not for me, (but I still have them) so I designed some for my needs and wants, and I will continue to design and make them, not only for me, but others that feel the same way....I will put up pics, and an Etsy page is soon to follow...and so far the family and friends have been very supportive....I hope and prey that I can make a positive go at this, I didn't even know I could do it, but I'm passionate about it and it makes me feel good to look at something I created, and others like them as well....
We'll chat more tomorrow
<3 Angi

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